Our Team

Our staff members and their contact information is listed below. Not sure who to contact? Reach out to us here:

Mayors Innovation Project
7122 Social Science Bldg.
1180 Observatory Dr.
Madison, WI 53706



Michelle Bright

Position title: Travel & Logistics

Email: mbright@mayorsinnovation.org

Phone: 608-890-2543

Ceri Jenkins

Position title: Co-Managing Director

Email: cerijenkins@mayorsinnovation.org

Phone: 608-262-5176

Marybeth McGinnis

Position title: Communications and Membership Associate

Email: memcginnis@mayorsinnovation.org

Phone: 608-265-3144

Emily Miota

Position title: Outreach and Communications Director

Email: ejmiota@mayorsinnovation.org

Phone: 608-263-7958

Joel Rogers

Position title: Director, COWS

Email: mbright@cows.org

Phone: 608-890-2543

Katya Spear

Position title: Co-Managing Director

Email: knspear@mayorsinnovation.org

Phone: 608-262-5831

Matthew Wyndham

Position title: Payments

Email: mwyndham@mayorsinnovation.org

Phone: 608-265-8665

Our Partners

Heidi Gerbracht

Position title: Partner, Women Mayor's Network

Betsy Hodges

Position title: Senior Advisor

Martha Pellegrino

Position title: Facilitator, New Mayors Cohort