Resources on Improving Equity and Reducing Disparities in Policing

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Spear, K. Resources on Improving Equity and Reducing Disparities in Policing. Mayors Innovation Project.

This brief is part of a series of publications MIP has released that was originally researched and compiled as a technical assistance memo to a participating member city. This memo was written in 2021 in response to a specific research question submitted by that member city.

For context, the original research question that prompted this memo was: Disparity in traffic stop rates are usually benchmarked to the driving population; is there a way to benchmark arrests and use of force in a similar way? When other cities evaluate their arrests, do they compare them directly to the overall population, or is there a more direct way to understand whether and how much Black people are being over-arrested? In addition, how do police departments know they are making progress towards equity? Are other cities or departments tracking police metrics over time? Are there proven methods for reducing racial disparity in policing? Have cities found success, even broadly defined?