Best Practices for Targeted Hiring in Preempted Cities

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Aquiles-Sanchez, P., Q. Midthun, and K. Spear. Best Practices for Targeted Hiring in Preempted Cities. Mayors Innovation Project.

This brief is part of a series of publications MIP has released that was originally researched and compiled as a technical assistance memo to a participating member city. This memo was written in 2022 in response to a specific research question submitted by that member city. To make this publicly available, we’ve removed references to the original request and any location-specific recommendations.

For context, the original research question that prompted this memo was: The City is interested in ways to prioritize local, historically marginalized individuals and businesses in hiring and contracting. The City seeks examples of municipalities that have implemented either local residency requirements for city-funded construction projects or first source hiring programs. In each case, the City is interested in best practices that they have implemented, legal implications of such programs, and the results, outcomes, and impacts of the programs.