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Combating Poverty

In 2014, almost 50 million people in the US were living in poverty. In many of our cities, a least a quarter of the population lives below the federal poverty line. Persistent poverty is one of the biggest threats to a city’s future, because of the impact on budgets and taxes; the increased demand for city services; the reduced economic activity; and most importantly the tremendous loss of human potential. Poverty affects those living in it most deeply, but it has an impact on everyone.


Low-income families face many challenges in climbing out of poverty to become financially stable. Lack of jobs; low wages; unstable employment; high costs of health care, housing, transportation, child care and other daily needs; and disconnection from mainstream financial services all contribute to financial instability.


Cities can help low-income families overcome many of these barriers. Many cities are taking a comprehensive approach to fighting poverty. Decreasing the number of people in poverty in your city will not only improve the lives of those directly affected, it will also improve the local economy and quality of life.

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Cities have adopted a range of initiatives to address the complex root causes of poverty. Below are a few programs and policies that you could consider implementing in your city.


Economic Development & Job Creation

Chicago, IL

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Durham, NC

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Los Angeles, CA

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Madison, WI

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Memphis, TN

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New York, NY

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Philadelphia, PA

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Robust Support Services

Philadelphia, PA

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Savannah, GA

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Education, Housing and Wellness

Chicago, IL

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Providence, RI

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Washington, DC

In D.C., public school for 3-year-olds is already the norm, Susan Svrluga, The Washington Post, February 20th, 2013. Read more


Ceri Jenkins

At our Winter 2014 meeting, we discussed how cities can take a comprehensive approach to fighting poverty. Learn more or watch the meeting videos here.