Lovely Warren

Position title: Mayor, Rochester, NY

Why did you decide to join the steering committee?

The City of Rochester joined the MIP steering committee because we recognize that cities provide better, more efficient services for their constituents when they partner with other municipalities to learn what’s working in their communities and what can be adapted and applied to work for our own services and initiatives. 

What makes MIP unique from other organizations?

MIP has a wide range of experts offering guidance on issues from affordable housing to health policies and so much more. The peer learning network allows cities like ours to continuously improve our operations and gives us a voice in discussions on governing that influence policy across the country. 

If you could give one piece of advice to a new mayor on what you’ve learned in your role, what would it be?

Learning from experts and other cities is critically important to a successful city, but the voices of the citizens in your community are equally as important. Something that may have worked well elsewhere might not fit your community’s unique needs, and engaging with residents will reveal when that’s the case.