Kate Stewart

Position title: Mayor, Takoma Park, MD

Why did you decide to join the steering committee?

Since joining the MIP I have gotten so much out of the information as well as connecting with mayors from all around the country. MIP is a wonderful resource for mayors. It is an honor to be asked to serve on the SC to assist in the planning the future of the organization and identify ways to support the work of mayors.

What makes MIP unique from other organizations?

Having a space that is just for mayors, that is intimate, and provides for an in-depth dive into some of the most cutting edge and innovative policies and programs sets MIP apart from all other organizations.

If you could give one piece of advice to a new mayor on what you’ve learned in your role, what would it be?

Connect to other mayors of cities bigger and smaller than your own. Learn from the work of others and know you are not alone. Each of our cities is unique, and at the same time, we are all facing the same challenges — fighting the climate change crisis, affordable housing, building equitable communities. Come to MIP to get information, tools, and support.