Supporting New Mayors

Mayors have been called upon to address our country’s pressing social issues—climate change, infrastructure, economic revitalization, health care, public safety, and more. With shrinking budgets and a growing list of responsibilities, they need support, capacity building, and resources to meet these challenges. Newly elected mayors are often transitioning from a different role (business, community, or legislative leadership) into the role of the executive leader of a city. Many skills are transferable, but newly elected mayors also need to learn new skills to face a slew of new challenges. We focus on high quality training, capacity-building and building relationships with other mayors.

New Mayors Cohort

Our New Mayors Cohorts are open to mayors in cities of all sizes and help newly elected mayors enact their agendas, while also avoiding common missteps. Accepted mayors into the program demonstrate a dedication to ‘high road’ governance. This cohort is grounded in our commitment to inclusion across race, gender, and economic status.

2020 Cohort

Our inaugural New Mayors Cohort launched March 2020 and continues through August 2020. Due to COVID-19 the cohort is virtual, but we expect future cohorts to have in-person workshops. Enrollment for the 2020 Cohort is closed. This year’s participants include:

Mayor Thurman Bartie, Port Arthur, TX
Mayor Breea Clark, Norman, OK
Mayor Paige Cognetti, Scranton, PA
Mayor Mike Elliott, Brooklyn Center, MN
Mayor W. Reed Gusciora, Trenton, NJ
Mayor Indya Kincannon, Knoxville, TN
Mayor Bruno Lozano, TX
Mayor Kim Norton, Rochester, MN
Mayor Steven Reed, Montgomery, AL
Mayor Maria Regan Gonzalez, Richfield, MN
Mayor Derek Slaughter, Williamsport, PA
Mayor Laura Weinberg, Golden, CO

What We Offer

We provide high quality programming from professional facilitators, access to a small peer network of recently-elected mayors, and a year membership in our broader, national network of progressive mayors. Travel support is available if needed for your participation at in-person events.

Mayor’s Commitment

To ensure the quality of the cohort programming, participating mayors commit as best as possible to the following:

  • Attendance at in-person workshops (currently held online due to COVID)
  • Attendance at 1-3 video conferences. These will focus on peer learning and implementing strategies learned from the workshop.


This event is by invitation only for mayors in the first two years of a 3+ year term who have a firm commitment to the high road principles of equity, sustainability, and democracy.

The workshop provides a safe and supportive space to allow mayors to genuinely express their thoughts and feelings around the challenges of governing.”

– Mayor Chasity Wells-Armstrong, Kankakee, IL

“This is a valuable experience early in a mayoral term for multiple reasons- the tools presented are foundational and will help you get started and the opportunity to talk with other new mayors is invaluable.”

– Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway, Madison, WI


Interested in joining the next cohort? Please contact Ceri Jenkins, Co-Managing Director, for more information (, 608-262-5176).