Access to Paid Leave

City leaders have faced some of the greatest challenges brought on by COVID-19, but they now face some of the greatest opportunity. 

Amidst an ongoing economic recovery and global health crisis, providing paid leave is a benefit for both businesses and families. Across the board, paid leave policies have found positive benefits. However, without federal support, the burden falls to local governments.

How can cities make it happen?

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  • Inequitable access to food perpetuates poor health outcomes among low-income populations and undermines efforts to improve public health and promote community. The increase in diet-related diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and some cancers have put us on a path to change modern history: many children born today will have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. In addition to nutritional and health impacts, the flow of food dollars out of some regions represents a significant loss for local economies. This policy brief looks at bright spots of innovation, where local policies promote and increase residents’ access to healthy food.

  • Governments everywhere are looking for ways to create new, quality jobs, despite restricted budgets. Although many have enacted programs that facilitate energy efficiency retrofits for the residential and commercial sectors, retrofit of public buildings has garnered little policy attention.

  • This report aims at helping individuals and organizations advocate for, design, and implement progressive policies toward immigrants at the city level as well as address, with immigrant-friendly, city level policies, the problems that large inflows of immigrants sometimes generate for the communities receiving them. These goals have become particularly important given the recent failures of comprehensive immigration reform initiatives at the federal level.

  • What can cities do to improve the quality of jobs? How can cities boost the access of the disadvantaged to the good jobs available in their jurisdictions? Building from policy innovations and experiences from all around the country, we offer here a menu of city policies aimed at improving job quality and redistributing job opportunities in favor of the disadvantaged.

  • In this report, we lay out the Apollo Alliance’s Four-Part Plan for how cities can embrace a clean energy future: invest in renewable power; create high-performance buildings; drive toward energy independence; and build high-performance cities.

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