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  • Wilkinsburg, PA has one of the highest infant mortality rates in Pennsylvania’s Allegheny County, with a striking difference in mortality rates for Black and white babies. And 6.1% of children had elevated blood lead levels as estimated by the Allegheny Health Department. Community partners began working across sectors to ensure that every baby is born into a healthy community that enables them to thrive and reach their full potential using an evidence-based model called the Best Babies Zone.

  • Salt Lake City is tackling issues of fresh and healthy food availability via the Resident Food Equity Advisors. Its goal is to help create an equitable community food system that increases access to healthy, organic, and culturally relevant foods for historically underrepresented and underserved communities. Over the course of a year, the Advisors worked in partnership with City staff to voice their concerns and help shape the City’s food policy agenda.

  • COVID-19 has created a window of opportunity for advancing paid leave.

    Amidst an ongoing economic recovery and global health crisis, providing paid leave is a benefit for both businesses and families. Across the board, paid leave policies have found positive benefits. However, without federal support, the burden falls to local governments.

    How can cities make it happen?

  • What can municipal governments (counties, cities and towns), still suffering from all the pain and disruption that COVID has brought to their communities and economies, do now to hasten their recovery and build resilience for the future, while also addressing past inequity? Here are seven essential steps to take, all proven, with real-world examples and implementation examples for each, that complement each other and can be done simultaneously.