At the Mayors Innovation Project, we strive to write and create content about innovative high-road policies in cities across the United States. In our writing (including our Good Ideas for Cities newsletter), we highlight our member cities‘ work, the best practices for mayors and cities identified by speakers at our meetings on a wide range of important policy topics, and have guest blogs from our partners.

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  • Water Affordability in Atlanta & DC

    In partnership with the Water Center at Penn, our Water Affordability Community of Practice (COP) spotlights best practices on challenges and solutions related to water affordability, providing ample time for questions and informal discussion among peers. …

  • Person in work jumpsuit fixing large water pipe

    Embracing Digital To Maximize Efficiency: Seven Recommendations for Success

    Today’s guest blog post is from George Hawkins, former General Manager of DC Water and President of Moonshot Missions. Following this handful of simple strategies will enable mayors and their personnel to embrace digital technologies that benefit their constituents and save their money too.

  • Applying Behavioral Insights to COVID-19

    The use of behavioral science, or behavioral insights, is a proven best practice for cities to positively influence behavior. Cities have been applying this lens to their COVID-19 communications and messaging efforts to encourage public …

  • Making an Impact in 2020

    Through this year’s struggles, our organizational priorities remained the same—to provide mayors and city leaders with peer learning experiences and cutting-edge resources to advance equity, sustainability, and democracy in cities. We are proud to have engaged over 100 cities from around the US in our work this year.

  • Screen capture of presentation from South Bend's Eric Horvath, with a photo of Eric in the top right corner, an image of South Bend in the middle, and information about South Bend demographics on the left side

    Water Affordability Amidst a Stark Racial Wealth Divide

    South Bend, IN utility leaders shared how they’re addressing equity through water customer assistance, with learning lessons for other cities of all sizes. Below are the main takeaways that can help your city make and keep water affordable.

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