Introducing 7 Steps to Municipal Resilience & Recovery

By Scott Bernstein & Joel Rogers

What can municipal governments (counties, cities and towns), still suffering from all the pain and disruption that COVID has brought to their communities and economies, do now to hasten their recovery and build resilience for the future, while also addressing past inequity? Here are seven essential steps to take, all proven, with real-world examples and implementation examples for each, that complement each other and can be done simultaneously.

All municipal governments have the power to start on them right now. So why not start today?

In this Report

  1. Make recovery everyone’s business
  2. Advance equity and opportunity for all
  3. Unleash your local economy
  4. Zone for equitable and sustainable neighborhoods
  5. Speed & broaden delivery of essential services while saving money
  6. Leave no dollar behind
  7. Build a readiness culture

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