Winter 2024 Meeting

Winter 2024 Meeting: Friday, Jan. 10- Saturday, Jan. 20th Washington, DC

We are so grateful to all the speakers, sponsors, and attendees who made our 19th annual Winter Meeting a success! Our meetings are made possible because of your insights, experiences, and support.

Meeting topics included:

  • Ensuring safe and equitable access to voting
  • Decarbonizing buildings
  • Modernizing your zoning code
  • Succeeding at competitive funding opportunities
  • Innovation Showcase

Check out resources from the panels below and stay tuned for recaps on our social media.

Final Agenda

Panel Resources


For this session, no slides were used. You can access a non-professional recording of the presentation here. 

Ross van Dongen, Director of Infrastructure and Intergovernmental Affairs, Accelerator for America (Moderator)

Mariia Zimmerman, Strategic Advisor for Technical Assistance and Community Solutions, US Department of Transportation

Mayor Steve Patterson, Athens, OH

Paula Pichon, Grant Writer, Jamestown, NY


Download the fully formatted Briefing Book with abbreviated resources here.

Access the full, unabbreviated items from this Briefing Book below:

“Insights from USDOT on Winning Grant Applications,” Accelerator for America Action, 2023. Read More.

“Six ways to make your BIL grant application more competitive,” Local Infrastructure Hub, Feb. 3, 2023. Read More.

“Ways Local Governments Can Make Their Federal Match,” Carolyn Berndt, McKaia Dykema, Kyle Funk, Naitonal League of Cities, May 4, 2023. Read More.

“Agreement for Shared Services By and Between The City of Jamestown and Jamestown Community College,” City of Jamestown, NY, Feb. 7, 2022. Read More.

“Job Description: Grant Writer,” City of Jamestown, NY, 2021. Read More.

“Shared Grant Writer – City of Jamestown and Jamestown Community College,” City of Jamestown, NY, 2023. Read More.

“Athens is not the most inviting place for electric vehicles. What we are doing about it,” Steve Patterson, Columbus Dispatch, Dec. 9, 2023. Read More.

“City of Athens, Ordinance No. 0-150-22,” City of Athens, OH, Dec. 5, 2022. Read More.

Speakers and Presentation Slides

Mayor Nikylan Knapper, Maplewood, MO (Moderator, no slides used)

Laura Wood, Vice President of Democracy, Local Policy Lab

Stephanie Reid, Director of External Affairs, Philadelphia, PA

Mayor Mary Parham-Copelan, Milledgeville, GA (no slides used)

Mayor Regina Romero, Tucson, AZ (no slides used)

Mayor Tishaura Jones, St. Louis, MO (no slides used)


Download the fully formatted Briefing Book with abbreviated resources here.

Access the full, unabbreviated items from this Briefing Book below:

“Voter Engagement Democracy Brief,” Local Policy Lab, 2023. Read More.

“Communicating During Contentious Times: Dos and Don’ts to Rise Above the Noise,” Over Zero, PEN America, 2022. Read More.

“Election Violence Prevention Toolkit,” Over Zero, Oct. 2020. Read More.

“On National Voter Registration Day, Mayor Tishaura O. Jones, Board of Election Commissioners Annouce Next Step to Further Expand Ballot Access for St. Louis ,” City of St. Louis, MO, Sep. 19, 2023. Read More.

“Philadelphia voter guide,” Philadelphia City Commissioners, 2022. Read More.

Speakers and Presentation Slides

Mayor Timothy Keller, Albuquerque, NM (Moderator, no slides used)

Toccarra Thomas, Director of Land Use and Development, Smart Growth America

Jeremy Sharp, Zoning Administrator, Norfolk, VA

Mayor Rosalynn Bliss, Grand Rapids, MI


Download the fully formatted Briefing Book with abbreviated resources here.

Access the full, unabbreviated items from this Briefing Book below:

“What Is Zoning Reform and Why Do We Need It?” Patrick Sisson, American Planning Association, Jan. 18, 2023. Read More.

“Reshaping the City: Zoning for a More Equitable, Resilient, and Sustainable Future,” Urban Land Institute, 2023. Read More.

“The 6 Zoning Reforms Every Municipality Should Adopt,” Nolan Gray, Strong Towns, Nov. 1, 2023. Read More.

“This is a big, big deal’: Mayor signs zoning change,” Alaina Mencinger, Albuquerque Journal, Jul. 6, 2023. Read More.

“Free Casita Construction Plans,” City of Albuquerque, NM, 2023. Read More.

“Norfolk’s Revised Zoning Ordinance Aims to Improve Flood Resilience,” Matt Fuchs, The Pew Charitable Trusts, Nov. 2019. Read More.

“Pioneering Zoning Reforms in Grand Rapids, MI,” Bipartisan Policy Center, Sep. 7, 2023. Read More.

Speakers and Presentation Slides

Mayor Kim Norton, Rochester, MN (Moderator, no slides used)

Valeria Rincon, Local Engagement Coordinator, Rewiring America

Sarah Gardner, Climate Action Coordinator, Iowa City, IA

Mayor Miro Weinberger, Burlington, VT


Download the fully formatted Briefing Book with abbreviated resources here.

Access the full, unabbreviated items from this Briefing Book below:

“Local Electrification Policy Menu,” Rewiring America, Sep., 2023. Read More.

“High-Road Workforce Guide for City Climate Action”, Inclusive Economics, Apr. 2021. Read More.

“Geothermal heating and cooling system being built in Rochester, Minnesota,” Carlo Cariaga, Think Geoenergy, Sep. 6, 2023. Read More.

“Burlington, Vermont,” Building Electrification Institute, 2023. Read More.

“City of Burlington, Resolution 8.09,” City of Burlington, VT, Jan. 9, 2023. Read More.

“Iowa City Council puts TIF districts’ unused funds to work on meeting city’s climate action goals,” Zachary Oren Smith, Iowa City Press-Citizen, Aug. 4, 2020. Read More.

“Matching grants now available for Energy Efficiency Improvements for industrial area businesses,” City of Iowa City, IA, Dec. 20, 2023. Read More.

“City of Iowa City Memorandum: Whole Home Electrification/Housing Choice Voucher Pilot Program,” Sarah Gardner, City of Iowa City, IA, Nov. 28, 2023. Read More.

Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway, Madison, WI

Mayor Tim Keller, Albuquerque, NM

Mayor Kim Norton, Rochester, MN (No slides used)

Mayor Cassie Franklin and Julie Willie, Everett, WA

Mayor Sangeetha Rayapati, Moline, IL

Mayor Heidi Lueb, Tigard, OR

Mayor Reed Gusciora, Trenton, NJ (No slides used)

Mayor Martha Guerrero, West Sacramento, CA (No slides used)

Councilmember David Post, Salisbury, NC


Registration, logistics and agenda

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Register now!

All US mayors are invited! Other elected local government leaders and staff should confirm with their mayor’s office before registering.

Mayors and representatives: As always, registration is free for member cities. Not sure if you are a member city? Please see this list of current members:

You do NOT need to be a member city to attend:

Mayors: $375/person
Council members or city staff: $425/person
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If you are with a non-governmental organization, such as a non-profit or academic institution, please contact for an invitation.


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Travel & Logistics

Our conference hotel and primary conference venue is the Sofitel Washington DC Lafayette Square. We’ve reserved a hotel block at the special rate of just $188/night ($217 with taxes). Book by calling (202) 730-8428 or by clicking here (promo code MIP123).


Sofitel Washington DC Lafayette Square

806 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20005



Our Winter meeting includes a mix of policy panels and networking events that highlight and bring to life the innovative policy and partnerships happening in cities across the United States.

On Thursday evening, January 18th, we will host a Women Mayors Network reception in partnership with Represent Women. Click here to RSVP!

Our meeting agenda runs from approximately 2pm Friday, Jan. 19 until 1 pm on Saturday, Jan. 20.

View the draft agenda!

Thank you to our generous sponsors!



Social Media


Aaron Westling, Senior Associate, Mayors Innovation Project

Ann Simon, Deputy Director of Policy, Albuquerque, NM

Ava Mouton-Johnston, City Policy Coordinator, Institute for Justice, Washington, DC

Barbara Buffaloe, Mayor, Columbia, MO

Benjamin Holbert, Mayor, Woodmere Village, OH

Betsy Hodges, Senior Advisor, MIP

Bill Lee, Senior Vice President, Policy & Advocacy Trust for Public Land, Washington, DC

Bruce Teague, Mayor, Iowa City, IA

Cashenna Cross, Mayor, Glenarden, MD

Cassie Franklin, Mayor, Everett, WA

Charlene Mendoza, Chief of Staff, Tucson, AZ

Chasity Wells-Armstrong, Steering Committee/Consultant Equity Collaborative LLC/Catalyst Coaching & Transformation, Bolingbrook, IL

Cory Mason, Mayor, Racine, WI

Cynthia Miller, Mayor, District Heights, MD

Daniel Valdez, Chief External Affairs Officer, Welcoming America, Decatur, GA

David Post, Councilmember, Salisbury, NC

Derek Slaughter, Mayor, Williamsport, PA

Elle Segal, Advocacy Director, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, Washington, DC

Emmett Jordan, Mayor, Greenbelt, MD

Erin Mendenhall, Mayor, Salt Lake City, UT

Heidi Lueb, Mayor, Tigard, OR

Ian Bassin, Co-Founder and ED, Protect Democracy

Indya Kincannon, Mayor, Knoxville, TN

James McIntyre, VT

Jared Woolston, Director of Sustainable Community and Economic Planning, Carlisle, PA

Jennie Lusk, Assistant Director of Policy, Albuquerque, NM

Jennifer McDonald, Assistant Director of Activism, Special Projects Institute for Justice, Arlington, VA

Jeremy Sharp, Zoning Administrator, Norfolk, VA

Joel Rogers, Director, High Road Strategy Center

Jordan Dejno, Engagement Specialist, Polco, Madison, WI

Julie Willie Director, Housing and Community Development, Everett, WA

Karen Alexander, Mayor, Salisbury, NC

Kate Wright, Executive Director Climate Mayors, Sacramento, CA

Katie Rosenberg, Mayor, Wausau, WI

Katjana Ballantyne, Mayor, Somerville, MA

Katya Spear, Managing Director, Mayors Innovation Project

Kelly Girtz, Mayor, Athens-Clarke County, GA

Khalid Kamau, Mayor, South Fulton, GA

Kim Norton, Mayor, Rochester, MN

Kyra Naumoff Shields, Bright Cities Program Director, Healthy Babies Bright Futures, Boulder, CO



Larry Klein, Mayor, Sunnyvale, CA

Laura Wood, Vice President of Democracy at the Local Policy Lab, San Diego, CA

Lauren Colliver, Councilmember, Blacksburg, VA

Leirion Gaylor Baird, Mayor, Lincoln, NE

Leslie Hager-Smith, Mayor, Blacksburg, VA

Leslie Vasquez-Guzman, Outreach Specialist, High Road Strategy Center

LiJia Gong, Policy and Legal Director, Local Progress, Washington, DC

Lindsey Hess, Events & Administrative Associate, High Road Strategy Center

Lucas Ramirez, Councilmember, Mountain View, CA

Mariia Zimmerman, Strategic Advisor for Technical Assistance & Community Relations, USDOT, Washington, DC

Martha Guerrero, Mayor, West Sacramento, CA

Mary Parham-Copelan, Mayor, Milledgeville, GA

Matthew Coriell, City Councilmember, Maplewood, MO

Mike Kasperzak, Former Mayor, Mountain View, CA

Mike Watson, Director, AARP Livable Communities, Washington, DC

Miro Weinberger, Mayor, Burlington, VT

Nadia Mohamed, Mayor, St. Louis Park, MN

Neha Singh, Legislative Liaison, Sommerville, MA

Nikylan Knapper, Mayor, Maplewood, MO

Pat Showalter, Mayor, Mountain View, CA

Paula Pichon, Grant Writer/Coordinator, Jamestown, NY

Quincy Midthun, Outreach Specialist, Mayors Innovation Project

Rachel Otto, Chief of Staff, Salt Lake City, UT

Regina Romero, Mayor, Tucson, AZ

Rosalynn Bliss, Mayor, Grand Rapids, MI

Ross van Dongen, Accelerator for America, Hyattsville, MD

Sam Chase, Director of Government Relations, Portland, OR

Sangeetha Rayapati, Mayor, Moline, IL

Sarah Gardner, Climate Action Coordinator, Iowa City, IA

Satya Rhodes-Conway, Mayor, Madison, WI

Sean Shultz, Mayor, Carlisle, PA

Sharetta Smith, Mayor, Lima, OH

Shelley Unwin, Security Detail Tucson Police Department, Tucson AZ

Stephanie Reid, Director of External Affairs, Philadelphia, PA

Steve Patterson, Mayor, Athens, OH

Talisha Searcy, Mayor, Takoma Park, MD

Theresa Rich, Mayor, Farmington Hills, MI

Tim Busse, Mayor, Bloomington, MN

Timothy Keller, Mayor, Albuquerque, NM

Toccarra Nicole Thomas, Director, Smart Growth America, Washington, DC

Tracy Tucker, Co-CEO, Bracy Tucker Brown, Washington, DC

Valeria Rincon, Local Engagement Coordinator, Rewiring America, New York, NY

W. Reed Gusciora, Mayor,Trenton, NJ

Zach Vruwink, League of Wisconsin Municipalities, WI