Winter 2015 Policy Meeting

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the 2015 Winter Meeting! All presentations and Briefing Book materials, as well as information about the attendees, are below.

See the full agenda here.

Presentations and Briefing Book


Mayor Kitty Pierce
Mayor Kendall Lane, Keene NH
Alex Kaplan, VP Global Partnerships, Public Sector Business, Swiss Re
Alice Madden, US Department of Energy

Additional Materials

Denver Strives to Bring Sustainability to Scale, Randy Rodgers, Sustainable City Network, December 31st, 2014. Read more.

Section IV: Climate Adaptation Priority Goals and Targets, City of Keene, January 1st, 2015. Read more.

Institutionalizing Climate Preparedness in Miami-Dade County, Florida, ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability, January 1st, 2015. Read more

Case Study: Keene, New Hampshire Leading on Climate Preparedness, ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability, January 1st, 2015. Read more.

Financing Climate Change Adaptation, ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability, November 1st, 2010. Read more.

Houston Mayor Sees Energy Capital as Climate Leader, Edward Klump, EnergyWire, October 7th, 2014. Read more.

Climate Action Champions Application Template, City of Montpelier, October 1st, 2014. Read more.

Economic Resilience: No Big Ideas Needed!, Kevin C. Desouza, Kendra L. Smith, Alliance for Innovation, October 24th, 2014. Read more.

Resiliency and Preparedness Study, City of Flagstaff, September 1st, 2012. Read more.


Fred Dock, Pasadena CA
Howard Neukrug, Philadelphia PA
Seleta J. Reynolds, Los Angeles CA


Roads Designed for Speed Undermine Safety Initiatives, Chris McCahill, State Smart Transportation Initiative , November 17th, 2014. Read more .

Elements of an Ideal Complete Streets Policy, National Complete Streets Coalition . Read more.

Changing Procedure and Process, National Complete Streets Coalition. Read more.

Urban Street Design Guide: About the Guide, NACTO. Read more.

Urban Bikeway Design Guide, NACTO. Read more.

Street Design Manual, New York City Department of Transportation, second edition , December 31st, 1969. Read more.

Urban Street Design Guidelines, City of Charlotte, NC, October 22nd, 2007. Read more.

Parking: A Livability Fact Sheet, AARP and the Walkable and Living Communities Institute . Read more.

Green Streets for Los Angeles: Strategic Plan, City of Los Angeles, CA, September 30th, 2014. Read more.

Green Streets Design Manual, City of Philadelphia, PA, December 31st, 1969. Read more.

Fixing Suburbs with Green Streets that Accommodate Everyone, Kaid Benfield, Natural Resources Defense Council , December 20th, 2011. Read more.

Ann Arbor Adopts ‘Green Streets’ Policy to Address Stormwater Runoff, Pollution, Ryan Stanton, MLive, February 20th, 2014. Read more.

Resolution Adopting a Green Streets Statement, City of Ann Arbor, MI, December 31st, 1969. Read more.

Inspiration to Action: Implementing Projects to Support Active Living, AARP and the Walkable and Living Communities Institute . Read more.

Multimodal and Complete Streets Performance Measures in Pasadena, California, Frederick Dock, Ellen Greenberg and Mark Yamarone, Institute of Transportation Engineers, January 1st, 2012. Read more.


Julie Nelson, Government Alliance on Race and Equity and Glenn Harris, Center for Social Inclusion


Local and Regional Government Alliance on Race & Equity, John Powell and Julie Nelson, Government Alliance on Race & Equity , December 31st, 1969. Read more.

The Science of Why Cops Shoot Young Black Men, Chris Mooney, Mother Jones, December 1st, 2014. Read more.

If We’re Having a Read Conversation About Race, Let’s Make Sure It’s the Right One, John Powell, December 9th, 2014. Read more.

Justice for Eric Garner and What We Must Do Together, Center for Social Inclusion, December 4th, 2014. Read more.

Common Council Resolution to Address Institutionalized Bias and Proactively Advance Racial Equity, City of Madison, WI, December 2nd, 2014. Read more.

Justice For All: Public Safety Initiative, Mayor Steve Benjamin, City of Columbia, SC, December 4th, 2014. Read more.

Following New Racial Profiling Rules Up to State and Local Police’s Discretion, Michael Doyle, Governing , December 9th, 2014. Read more.

City Council President: 5 Key Post-Ferguson Police Reforms, Tim Burgess, Crosscut, December 3rd, 2014. Read more.

Richmond Police Chief a Prominent Participant in Protest Against Police Violence, Robert Rogers, Contra Costa Times, December 9th, 2014. Read more.

Police Violence is Not Inevitable: Four Ways a California Police Chief Connected Cops With Communiti, Steve Early, Nation of Change, November 29th, 2014. Read more.

Mayor Supports Chief McLay’s Embrace of Anti-Racism Message, Michael Fuoco, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, January 4th, 2015. Read more.

A Christmas Message for the MNPD from Chief Steve Anderson, Steve Anderson, City of Nashville, TN, December 26th, 2014. Read more.


Mayor Charlie Hales, Portland OR
Sharon Feigon, Shared Use Mobility Center
Chris Tittle, Sustainable Economies Law Center


Sharing is the New Buying, Jeremiah Owyang, Alexandra Samuel and Andrew Grenville, VisionCritical and Crowd Companies, March 3rd, 2014. Read more .

Policies for Shareable Cities, Neal Gorenflo and Yassi Eskandari, Shareable and Sustainable Economies Law Center, September 9th, 2013. Read more.

The Sharing Economy Just Got Real, Janelle Orsi, Shareable, September 16th, 2013. Read more.

The Problem With Profitless Start-Ups, Kevin Roose, New York Magazine, April 11th, 2014. Read more.

For Smaller Cities, the Airbnb Backlash Can Be Even Bigger, Dena Levitz, The Atlantic Citylab, April 22nd, 2014. Read more.

The Sharing Economy, Nicole DuPuis and Brooks Rainwater, National League of Cities, December 31st, 1969. Read more.

Vexed in the City: The ‘Sharing’ Economy’s Hidden Toll on San Francisco, Dara Kerr, CNet, August 20th, 2014. Read more.

Days After Suing Uber, Portland Drops Lawsuit, James Queally, Governing , December 19th, 2014. Read more.

Minneapolis Gives Ride-Sharing the Green Light, Taylor Nachtigal, Minnesota Daily, July 23rd, 2014. Read more.

Amending Title 13, Chapter 341, Relating to Licenses and Business Regulations: Taxicabs, City of Minneapolis, MN, December 31st, 1969. Read more.

5 Tips for Portland and Vancouver BC on Uber, Jennifer Langston, Sightline Daily, December 17th, 2014. Read more.

Short-Term Rental Licensing Program, City of Austin, TX, October 1st, 2012. Read more.

It’s Decision Day For Airbnb in San Francisco, Kim-Mai Cutler, Tech Crunch, October 7th, 2014. Read more .

Chapter 33.207: Accessory Short-Term Rentals, City of Portland, OR, August 29th, 2014. Read more.

Amended 2nd Substitute Ordinance, Maureen O’Brien, City of Madison, WI, November 15th, 2013. Read more.

Mayor Bill Peduto Promises Ride-Share ‘Fight’ in Pittsburgh, Kim Lyons, Government Technology, July 3rd, 2014. Read more.


Jill Harris, Drug Policy Alliance
Bernard McBride, President and CEO Behavioral Health System Baltimore
Captain Jerome Sanchez, Santa Fe PD
Senator Larry Campbell, Former Mayor of Vancouver BC


Prescription Drug Overdose in the United States: Fact Sheet, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, January 1st, 2015. Read more.

An Exit Strategy for the Failed War on Drugs, Drug Policy Alliance, January 1st, 2013. Read more.

Policy Impact: Prescription Painkiller Overdoses, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, November 1st, 2011. Read more.

Opioid Overdose: Addressing the Growing Problem of Preventable Deaths, Drug Policy Alliance, August 1st, 2014. Read more.

Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD): Reducing the Role of Criminalization in Local Drug Contro, Drug Policy Alliance, February 1st, 2014. Read more.

Fort Collins Substance Abuse and Mental Health Partnership, City of Fort Collins, January 1st, 2009. Read more.

Prescription Painkiller Overdoses A growing epidemic, especially among women, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, July 1st, 2013. Read more.

Chicago and 2 California Counties Sue Over Marketing of Painkillers, John Schwartz, The New York Times, August 24th, 2014. Read more.

Community Management of Opiod Overdose, World Health Organization, January 1st, 2015. Read more.

Community-Based Opioid Overdose Prevention Programs Providing Naloxone, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, February 17th, 2012. Read more.

States With Medical Marijuana Laws Have Fewer Opioid Overdose Deaths, Alexandra Sifferlin, Time, August 25th, 2014. Read more.

The Multi-Site Adult Drug Court Evaluation: Executive Summary, Shelli B. Rossman, John K. Roman, Janine M. Zweig,Michael Rempel Christine H. Lindquist, The Urban Institute, November 1st, 2011. Read more.

A Tale of Three Cities: Drugs, Courts, and Community Justice, Aubrey Fox, Center for Court Innovation, January 1st, 2010. Read more.

Moving Away from Drug Courts: Toward a Health-Centered Approach to Drug Use, Drug Policy Alliance, May 1st, 2014. Read more.

Drug Decriminalization in Portugal: A Health-Centered Approach, Drug Policy Alliance, February 1st, 2014. Read more.

Federal Byrne Grants: Drug War Funds Available for Drug Treatment, Drug Policy Alliance, September 1st, 2010. Read more.


Tom Bates, Mayor, Berkeley, CA
DJ Baxter, Redevelopment Director, Salt Lake City, UT
Gary Belan, Senior Director, Clean Water Supply Program, American Rivers, DC
Stephen Benjamin, Mayor, Columbia, SC
David Bieter, Mayor, Boise, ID
Stephen Buxbaum, Mayor, Olympia, WA
Kirk Caldwell, Mayor, Honolulu, HI
Larry Campbell, Senator, Senate of Canada, ON
Dave Cieslewicz, Principal, DCA City Consulting, WI
Chris Clark, Mayor, Mountain View, CA
Daniel Clodfelter, Mayor, Charlotte, NC
Erin Cooke, Sustainability Manager, Cupertino, CA
T.M. Franklin Cownie, Mayor, Des Moines, IA
Vicki Cram, Principal, Squire Patton Boggs LLP, DC
Krista Crum, Sales Representative, Bcycle, WI
Jeff DeLuca, Mayoral Aide, Chapel Hill, NC
Fred Dock, Director of Transportation, Pasadena, CA
Paul Dyster, Mayor, Niagara Falls, NY
Holly Eskridge, Chief of Staff, Charlotte, NC
Sharon Feigon, Executive Director, Shared Use Mobility Center, IL
William Ferguson, Chairman, The Ferguson Group, DC
Scott Foster, Mayor, Hendersonville, TN
Emily Frost, Assistant to the Mayor, Birmingham, AL
Ralph Garboushian, City Representative, CapitalEdge, DC
Bill Gluba, Mayor, Davenport, IA
Joy Grewatz, Washington Assistant, CapitalEdge, DC
Charlie Hales, Mayor, Portland, OR
Pegeen Hanrahan, Principal, Former Mayor (2004-2010), Community and Conservation Soutions, LLC, Gainesville, Florida, FL
Glenn Harris, President, Center for Social Inclusion, NY
Jill Harris, Managing Director, Strategic Initiatives, Drug Policy Alliance,
George Heartwell, Mayor, Grand Rapids, MI
Betsy Hodges, Mayor, Minneapolis, MN
Satyendra Huja, Mayor, Charlottesville, VA
James Irwin, Senior Associate, Mayors Innovation Project, WI
Amy Jo Jacobsen, Washington Assistant, CapitalEdge, DC
Jeff Jamawat, Program Manager, Mayors’ Institute on City Design, DC
Alex Kaplan, VP Global Partnerships, Public Sector Business, Swiss Re,
Mike Kasperzak, Councilmember & Former Mayor, Mountain View, CA
Gabe Klein, Former DOT Commissioner for DC and Chicago, , DC
Mark Kleinschmidt, Mayor, Chapel Hill, NC
Brian Kulpa, Mayor, Williamsville, NY
Don  Lane, Mayor, Santa Cruz, CA
Kendall Lane, Mayor, Keene, NH
Timothy Leavitt, Mayor, Vancouver, WA
Randy Lewis, Government Relations Officer, Tacoma, WA
Brian Lowe, Project Coordinator, City of Burlington, VT
Alice Madden, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Intergovernmental & External Affairs, US Department of Energy,
Cooper Martin, Program Director, Sustainability, National League of Cities, DC
John McAlister, Mayor, Mountain View, CA
Bernard McBride, President & CEO, Behavioral Health System Baltimore, MD
Valarie J McCall, Chief of Government & International Affairs, Cleveland, OH
Joseph McElveen, Mayor, Sumter, SC
Nancy McFarlane, Mayor, Raleigh, NC
Sarah McKinley, Research Associate, The Democracy Collaborative, MD
Odette Mucha, Senior Coordinator, Stakeholder Engagement, DOE, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, DC
Julie Nelson, Director, Government Alliance on Race and Equity, WA
Howard Neukrug, Commissioner, Philadelphia Water Department, PA
Donna Owens, City Administrator, Niagara Falls, NY
Martha Pellegrino, Director, Government Relations, Portland, OR
Amber Pence, Intergovernmental Affairs Director, Boise, ID
Kitty Piercy, Mayor, Eugene, OR
Seleta Reynolds, General Manager, Los Angeles Department of Transportation, CA
Satya Rhodes-Conway, Managing Director, Mayors Innovation Project, WI
Joel Rogers, Director, COWS, WI
Jerome Sanchez, Captain, Santa Fe Police Department, NM
Rod Sinks, City Council Member, Cupertino, CA
Steve Skadron, Mayor, Aspen, CO
Marjorie Sloan, Mayor, Golden, CO
Brett Smiley, Chief Operating Officer, Providence, RI
Tom Stevens, Mayor, Hillsborough, NC
Nancy Stoner, Pisces Foundation,
Jill Swain, Mayor, Huntersville, NC
Chris Tittle, Director of Organizational Resilience, Sustainable Economies Law Center/Oakland, CA
Zach Vruwink, Mayor, Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Miro Weinberger, Mayor, Burlington, VT
Mordie Weintraub, President and CEO, Tel-Affinity Corp., MA
Ian Winbrock, Deputy Assistant to the Mayor, West Sacramento, CA