Summer 2016 Meeting

Held in beautiful Berkeley, CA, Mayor Tom Bates hosted mayors from around the country for a fantastic 2.5 days of learning, networking, and exploring the great work being done in Berkeley and beyond. All presentations and Briefing Book materials, as well as information about the attendees and our sponsors, are below.

See full agenda here.

Presentations and Briefing Book


Ian McLaughlin, ChangeLab Solutions
Mayor Acquanetta Warren, Fontana CA
Martha Okafor, New Haven CT
Councilmember Laurie Capitelli, Berkeley CA


Download the full briefing book section.

Declining Childhood Obesity Rates: Where Are We Seeing Signs of Progress?, Health Policy Snapshot, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, June 1st, 2016. Read more.

5 Things Mayors Can Do to Create Healthier Communities, Alyia Gaskins, Cities Speak, January 5th, 2016. Read more.

Lincoln, Nebraska: Leveraging the Power of the Purse to Advance Health Equity, City Spotlight, Institute for Youth, Education & Families, National League of Cities, 2016, January 1st, 2016. Read more.

Why Adopt an Obesity Prevention Resolution?, ChangeLab Solutions and National Policy & Legal Analysis Network to Prevent Childhood Obesity, January 1st, 2010. Read more.

Taxing Sugar to Fund a City, Mark Bittman, The New York Times, May 25th, 2016. Read more.

Best Practices in Designing Local Taxes on Sugary Drinks, ChangeLab Solutions and Healthy Food America, March 1st, 2016. Read more.

Berkeley’s Sugary Drinks are Getting Pricier, Thanks to New Tax, Eliza Barclay, Wisconsin Public Radio Ideas Network, October 8th, 2015. Read more.

Policy Snapshot: Sugary Drink Warning Labels, Healthy Food AmericaRead more.

Judge Upholds SF’s Pioneering Law on Sugary Beverage Ads, Bob Egelko, SFGate, May 17th, 2016. Read more.

Chapter XXII—Toys and Other Incentives with Restaurant Food, The County of Santa Clara, CARead more.

Creating a Healthy Food Zone Around Schools, ChangeLab Solutions and National Policy & Legal Analysis Network to Prevent Childhood Obesity, October 1st, 2009. Read more.

Policy Brief: Parks and Recreation Programs Help to Reduce Childhood Obesity, School of Public Health, UC Berkeley, July 1st, 2011. Read more.

Fair Play: Advancing Health Equity through Shared Use, ChangeLab Solutions and National Policy & Legal Analysis Network to Prevent Childhood Obesity, July 1st, 2015. Read more.

Planning and Health Resource Guide for Designing and Building Healthy Neighborhoods, National Center for Environmental Health, Division of Emergency and Environmental Health Services, Center for Disease ControlRead more.


Nico Larco, Sustainable Cities Initiative

Educational Partnerships for Innovation in Communities (EPIC) framework (video)


Mayor Suzanne Jones, Boulder CO
Amber Weaver, Asheville NC
Martin Bourque, Berkeley Ecology Center


Download the full briefing book section.

The Community Zero Waste Roadmap, Eric Lombardi and Kate Bailey, Ecocycle Solutions, January 1st, 2015. Read more.

Zero Waste is a Local Solution to Climate Change, Ecocycle Solutions, August 10th, 2016. Read more.

More Jobs, Less Pollution: Growing the Recycling Economy in the U.S., Tellus Institute with Sound Resource ManagementRead more.

Boulder’s Climate Commitment, City of Boulder, CO, October 1st, 2015. Read more.

Zero Waste Strategic Plan, City of Boulder, CO, November 1st, 2015. Read more.

City Implements New Recycling, Compost Requirements for Homeowners, Property Managers and Businesses, City of Boulder, CO, January 1st, 2016. Read more.

Chapter 3—Trash, Recyclables, and Compostables & Chapter 12—Hauling, Municipal Code, City of Boulder, CO, January 1st, 2015. Read more.

Asheville Resolution No. 14-27, City of Asheville, NC, February 11th, 2014. Read more.

Field Sampling and Sorting of Residential Waste from City of Asheville, City of Asheville, NCRead more.

Final Report: Community Waste Reduction and Recycling Grant 2015, City of Asheville, NC, January 1st, 2015. Read more.

Resolution No. 62,849-N.S., City of Berkeley, CA, March 22nd, 2005. Read more.

Climate Action Plan, City of Berkeley, CA, June 1st, 2009. Read more.

Berkeley Climate Action Plan: Tracking our Progress, City of Berkeley, CARead more.


Lauren Mattern, Nelson/Nygaard Consulting Associates
Mayor Stephen Gawron, Muskegon MI
Gordon Hansen, Berkeley CA


Download the full briefing book section.

Parking Strategy: Tools to Support a Livable Community, City of Muskegon, MI, July 6th, 2015. Read more.

Muskegon Off-street Parking Standards, City of Muskegon, MI, Section 2008Read more.

Berkeley Wins $1M Parking Grant to Fix ‘2-hour Shuffle’, Emilie Raguso, Berkeleyside, December 18th, 2015. Read more.

goBerkeley Pilot Program Results and Next Steps, City of Berkeley, CA, December 16th, 2014. Read more.

SFpark: Pilot Project Evaluation Summary, SFpark and SFMTA Municipal Transportation Agency, June 1st, 2014. Read more.

SFpark: Putting Theory Into Practice, SFpark and SFMTA Municipal Transportation Agency, June 1st, 2014. Read more.

Downtown Parking Management Strategy: Saint Paul, MN, SRF and Nelson\Nygaard, April 1st, 2015. Read more.

A Green Solution to Oakland’s Housing Crisis, Sam Levin, East Bay Express, August 15th, 2015. Read more.

Oakland’s Sweeping Plan for Parking, Sam Levin, East Bay Express, October 28th, 2015. Read more.

Cities Finally Realize They Don’t Need to Require So Much Damn Parking, Ben Adler, Grist, August 2nd, 2016. Read more.

Stalled out: How Empty Parking Spaces Diminish Neighborhood Affordability, Center for Neighborhood Technology, March 1st, 2016. Read more.

Contemporary Approaches to Parking Pricing: A Primer, US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, May 1st, 2012. Read more.

How Parking Management Can Help Cities Grow Smarter, Richard Willson, Planetizen, November 2nd, 2015. Read more.

City of Portland, The State of Parking: Executive Summary, Portland Bureau of Transportation, January 1st, 2015. Read more.

City of Portland, The State of Parking, Portland Bureau of Transportation, January 1st, 2015. Read more.


Jamie Bennett, ArtPlace America
Michael Caplan, Berkeley CA
Mayor Marilyn Strickland, Tacoma WA
Mayor Mark Stodola, Little Rock AR


Download the full briefing book section.

Creative Placemaking? What Is It That You Do?, ArtPlace, July 23rd, 2016. Read more.

Arts and Economic Prosperity IV: National Highlights, Americans for the ArtsRead more.

The Creative Corridor: A Main Street Revitalization, University of Arkansas Community Design Center and Marion Blackwell Architect for the City of Little Rock, ARRead more.

Economic Vitality: How the Arts and Culture Sector Catalyzes Economic Vitality, American Planning Association, January 1st, 2011. Read more.

Development Without Displacement, The Scenic Route, Transportation for America, August 10th, 2016. Read more.

On Downtown Berkeley Street, the Poetry is Underfoot, Lou Fancher, Berkeleyside, July 13th, 2015. Read more.

Funding Sources for Public Art, Project for Public Spaces, August 10th, 2016. Read more.

New Engines of Growth: 5 Roles for Arts, Culture & Design, National Governors Association, May 1st, 2012. Read more.

Cultural Districts: The Arts as a Strategy for Revitalizing our Cities, Hilary Anne Frost-Kumpf, Americans for the Arts, January 1st, 1998. Read more.

Opportunity at the Intersection of Community Development and Creative Placemaking, Ben Hecht, Living Cities for the Community Development Investment Review, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, December 1st, 2014. Read more.

Exploring the Ways Arts and Culture Intersects with Housing, Danya Sherman, ArtPlace America, April 1st, 2016. Read more.


Pete  Buttigieg, Mayor, South Bend, IN
Laurie Capitelli, City Councilmember, District 5, Berkeley, CA
Michael Caplan, Economic Development Manager, Berkeley, CA
Rich Carlston, Mayor Pro Tem, Walnut Creek, CA
Pauline Cutter, Mayor, San Leandro, CA
Rick Davis, Mayor, Tonawanda, NY
Lauren DeRusha, Senior Organizer, Corporate Accountability International
Calvin Fong, Chief of Staff, Berkeley, CA
Stephen Gawron, Mayor, Muskegon, MI
David Gilford, Director of Strategy, Connected Communities , Intersection
Dag Gogue, CEO and Co-founder, Transit Labs / Washington DC
Anthony Graves, Director of Regional Affairs, Denver, CO
David Gray, Chief of Staff, Richmond, CA
Jennifer Gregerson, Mayor, Mukilteo, WA
Loni Hancock, State Senator, California
Pegeen Hanrahan, Conservation Finance Consultant, The Trust for Public Land
Gordon Hansen, Senior Transportation Planner, Berkeley, CA
Joy Hathaway, Director of Outreach, KaBOOM!
Pam Hemminger, Mayor, Chapel Hill, NC
Tasha Henneman, Policy Advisor to the Mayor, Berkeley, CA
Felipe Hernandez, Mayor, Watsonville, CA
John Hollar, Mayor, Montpelier, VT
James Irwin, Associate Director, Mayors Innovation Project
Lee Jones, Director of Business Development, BCycle
Suzanne Jones, Mayor, Boulder, CO
Mike Kasperzak, Councilmember & Former Mayor, Mountain View, CA
Brian Kulpa, Mayor, Williamsville, NY
Nico Larco, Co-Director/Associate Professor, Sustainable Cities Initiative/University of Oregon
Tim Leavitt, Mayor, Vancouver, WA
Randy  Lewis, Government Relations Officer, Tacoma, WA
Greg  Lyman, Mayor, El Cerrito, CA
Peter Maass, Mayor, Albany, CA
Priya Madrecki, Senior Manager, Strategic Communications, KaBOOM!
Gregory Magofna, Senior Aide to Mayor Bates, Berkeley, CA
Dwayne Marsh, Deputy Director, Government Alliance on Race and Equity
Lauren Mattern, Senior Associate, Nelson/Nygaard Consulting Associates
Amy McBride, Arts Administrator, Tacoma, WA
Carolyn McLaughlin, Common Council President, Albany, NY
Ian McLaughlin, Senior Staff Attorney and Program Director, ChangeLab Solutions
Nancy McPherson, CA State Director, AARP
Emily Miota, Outreach Specialist, Mayors Innovation Project
Michael Norton, Professor, Harvard Business School
Pam O’Connor, Councilmember, Santa Monica, CA
Martha  Okafor, Community Services Administrator, New Haven, CT
Wilhelmina Parker-Bentum, Training Officer, Berkeley, CA
Sam Pedroza, Mayor, Claremont, CA
Martha Pellegrino, Government Relations Director, Portland, OR
Amber Pence, Director of Intergovernmental Affairs, Boise, ID
Eve Phillips, Vice Mayor, Orinda, CA
Joe Prospero, Market Manager, Zipcar
Laurel Prussing, Mayor, Urbana, IL
Robert Reich, Professor of Public Policy, UC Berkeley,
Chris Rey, Mayor, Spring Lake, NC
Satya Rhodes-Conway, Managing Director, Mayors Innovation Project
Joel Rogers, Director, COWS
Ken Rosenberg, Vice Mayor, Mountain View, CA
Jacques  Roy, Mayor, City of Alexandria
Meghan Sahli-Wells, Councilmember, Culver City, CA
Marilyn Sanabria, Vice Mayor, Huntington Park, CA
John Schwarten, Special Advisor, ICA Group
Pat Showalter, Mayor, Mountain View, CA
Steve  Skadron, Mayor, Aspen, CO
Marjorie Sloan, Mayor, Golden, CO
Paul Soglin, Mayor, Madison, WI
Gary Soiseth, Mayor, Turlock, CA
John Stewart, Senior Organizer, Corporate Accountability International
Mark  Stodola, Mayor, Little Rock, AR
Marilyn Strickland, Mayor, Tacoma, WA
Katya Szabados, Outreach Associate, Mayors Innovation Project
Annie Tegen, Vice President, Policy, Healthy Food America
Biff Traber, Mayor, Corvallis, OR
Acquanetta Warren, Mayor, Fontana, CA
Amber Weaver, Sustainability Officer, Asheville, NC
Miro Weinberger, Mayor, Burlington, VT
Daniel Williams, Director of Community Services, City of Alexandria