Summer 2015 Meeting

Thank you to everyone who joined us in Des Moines! All presentations and Briefing Book materials, as well as information about the attendees and our sponsors, are below.

A Celebration of our 10th Anniversary

Presented by Dave Cieslewicz, former Mayor of Madison WI, and founding members of the Mayors Innovation Project

See the full agenda here.

Presentations and Briefing Book


Mayor Stephen Benjamin, Columbia SC
Chief of Police Dana Wingert, Des Moines IA
Deputy Chief Allwyn Brown, Richmond CA


Community Policing Defined, Community Oriented Policing Services US Department of Justice, October 1st, 2014. Read more.

How Cincinnati Got Its Cops to Support Community Policing, Liz Farmer, July 8th, 2015. Read more.

A Police Chief’s Call for Reform, David Couper, June 1st, 2015. Read more.

Process Evaluation for the Office of Neighborhood Safety, National Council on Crime and Delinquency , July 1st, 2015. Read more.

What Mayors Needs to Know About Their Police, David Couper, August 1st, 2015. Read more.

Police-Community Relations, Center for Court InnovationsRead more.

Police-Youth Dialogues Can Build Trust, Relationships, National Clearinghouse on Families & Youth, May 13th, 2015. Read more.

Stepping Up: Strengthening Police, Youth, and Community Relationships, Youth Justice Board, June 1st, 2015. Read more.

Final Report of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, May 1st, 2015. Read more.


Mayor Betsy Hodges, Minneapolis MN
Laura Graham, Sustainability Coordinator, Des Moines IA
Dan Caroselli, Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles CA


Integrating the STAR Community Rating System into Comprehensive Planning, STAR CommunitiesRead more..

Indicators for Sustainability: How cities are monitoring and evaluating their success,”, Sustainable Cities International , November 1st, 2012. Read more.

STAR Community Rating System, STAR Communities, March 1st, 2015. Read more.

New York City Panel on Climate Change 2015 Report Chapter 6: Indicators and Monitoring, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1336: 89-106, January 1st, 2015. Read more.

Executive Directive No. 7: Sustainability City pLAn, City of Los Angeles, April 8th, 2015. Read more..

Minneapolis Sustainability Reprt, City of Minneapolis, November 1st, 2012. Read more..

A Framework for Sustainability Indicators at EPA, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, December 1st, 2012. Read more.

Why Data Providers Say No… Any Why They Should Say Yes, National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership, January 30th, 2012. Read more.


Mayor Miro Weinberger, Burlington VT
Glenn Lyons, Neighborhood Development Corporation
Sheila Dillon, Director of Neighborhood Development, Boston MA
Mike Akerlow, Director of Housing and Neighborhood Development, Salt Lake City UT


Prolonged Housing Crisis Diminishes Confidence in the American Dream, MacArthur Foundation, June 9th, 2015. Read more.

Effective Communication and Messaging to Elevate a Discussion on Housing Policy, Hart Research Associates, June 19th, 2015. Read more..

Salt Lake City Housing Needs Assessment, City of Salt Lake City, November 3rd, 2013. Read more..

Who Needs Housing that is Affordable?, City of Salt Lake CityRead more..

Salt Lake Cirty 5,000 Doors – Housing Targets, City of Salt Lake CityRead more.

Salt Lake City Q2 FY2015 Housing Report, City of Salt Lake City, June 1st, 2015. Read more.

Housing Tomorrow: Choices for a Greener Greater Des Moines, Polk County Housing Trust Fund, April 1st, 2015. Read more..

Housing a Changing City: Boston 2030, City of Boston, April 1st, 2015. Read more..

Burlington Housing Plan, City of Burlington, November 2nd, 2014. Read more..

Housing Seattle: A Road map to an Affordable and Livable City, Mayor Ed Murray, City of Seattle, July 13th, 2015. Read more..


Mayor Frank Cownie, Des Moines IA
Mayor Lisa Wong, Fitchburg MA
Mayor Scott Avedisian, Warwick RI


Inside Job: How the Obama Administration is Reshaping Urban Policy, Ben Adler, April 30th, 2012. Read more.

“Urban Progress: Lessons from CAP’s Roundtable on Expanding Opportunity in America’s Urban Areas, Tracey Ross, Center for American Progress, May 26th, 2015. Read more..

An Urban Agenda Against ‘Secular Stagnation’, Richard Florida, The Atlantic Citylab, December, December 1st, 2014. Read more.

Let Our Cities Move, Bill DeBlasio and Mick Cornett, New York Times, May 13th, 2015. Read more.

A Thriving Future of Places, Project for Public Spaces, May 13th, 2015. Read more.

President Obama: ‘If Cities Are Successful, Then America Is Going to be Successful, Ed Somers, U.S. Conference of Mayors, February 2nd, 2015. Read more..

Former Mayors, Now Top Administration Officals, Discuss Roles, Relationships with Cities, U.S. Conference of Mayors, February 2nd, 2015. Read more.



Robert Agee, Mayors Office, Policy, Annapolis, MD
Michael Akerlow, Director Housing & Neighborhood Development, Salt Lake City, UT
Scott Avedisian, Mayor, Warwick, RI
Lisa Barkovic, Senior Policy Advisor, Holland & Knight
DJ Baxter, Redevelopment Director, Salt Lake City, UT
Steve Benjamin, Mayor, Columbia, SC, MIP Steering Committee
Rosalynn Bliss, Mayor-elect, Grand Rapids, MI
Allwyn Brown, Assistant Police Chief, Richmond, CA
Dan Caroselli, Director, Innovation and Performance Management, Los Angeles, CA
Dave Cieslewicz, Executive Director, Wisconsin Bike Fed, MIP Advisory Committee
Chris Clark, City Councilmember & Former Mayor, Mountain View, CA
Skip Conkling, Mayor, Altoona, IA
Frank Cownie, Mayor, Des Moines, IA, MIP Steering Committee
Jon Crews, Mayor, Cedar Falls, IA
Heidi Davison, Former Mayor, Athens, GA
Jeffrey DeLuca, Mayoral Aide, Chapel Hill, NC
Sheila Dillon, Chief of Housing, Boston, MA
Casey Earp, Assistant City Manager I, Boulder, CO
Laura Graham, Assistant to the City Manager, Sustainability Coordinator, Des Moines, IA
Donald Groesser, Mayor, Ralston, NE
Elizabeth Guernsey, Program Officer, Open Society Foundations
John Hamilton, Mayoral Candidate, Bloomington, IN
Pegeen Hanrahan, Principal, Community and Conservation Solutions, LLC, MIP Advisory Committee
Betsy Hodges, Mayor, Minneapolis, MN
John Hollar, Mayor, Montpelier, VT
Justin Holmes, Director, Communications & Public Policy, Zipcar
James Irwin, Associate Director, Mayors Innovation Project
Matthew Johnsen, Advisor, Bloomington, IN
Lee Jones, Director of Business Development, BCycle
Alexander Kapur, CEO, OpportunitySpace, Inc.
Mike Kasperzak, Councilmember & Former Mayor, Mountain View, CA, MIP Steering Committee
Alan Kemp, Executive Director, Iowa League of Cities
Mark Kleinschmidt, Mayor, Chapel Hill, NC, MIP Steering Committee
Matt Larson, Innovation Manager, Saint Paul, MN
Glenn Lyons, Executive Director, Neighborhood Development Corporation of Des Moines
Larry MacDonald, Mayor, Bayfield, WI
Gregory Magofna, Legislative Aide to the Mayor, Berkeley, CA
Ed Malloy, Mayor, Fairfield, IA
Monica McCroskey, Executive Administrative Assistant, Des Moines, IA
Bryan Mock, Real Estate Coordinator, OpportunitySpace inc
David Pope, Former Mayor, Oak Park, IL, MIP Advisory Committee
Laurel Prussing, Mayor, Urbana, IL
Amanda Romer, Liaison to Mayor and Council, Des Moines, IA
Steve Skadron, Mayor, Aspen, CO
Marjorie Sloan, Mayor, Golden, CO, MIP Steering Committee
Anthony Soto, City Councillor, Holyoke, MA
Roger Stancil, Town Manager, Chapel Hill, NC
Bill Stowe, CEO and General Manager, Des Moines, IA
Hilari Varnadore, Executive Director, STAR Communities
Miro Weinberger, Mayor, Burlington, VT, MIP Steering Committee
Mordie Weintraub, President, Tel-Affinity Corporation
Dana Wingert, Chief of Police, Des Moines, IA
Lisa A Wong, Mayor, Fitchburg, MA, MIP Steering Committee
Andrea Woodard, Public Policy Manager, Iowa Caucus Consortium
Todd Yuffee, Sales, Tel-Affinty Corp.