Fostering Resilience: Leading on Sustainable Water Solutions

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Waternow Alliance


All Infrastructure is Water Infrastructure

Mark Norton, Planning Director, Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority
Charlotte Katzenmoyer, Director of Public Works, Lancaster PA
Adel Hagekhalil, Assistant Director, City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation

Dinner & Keynote

Ralph Becker, Former Mayor, Salt Lake City UT

Integrating Economic and Racial Equity into Water Decision-making

View condensed notes from the session.

Nancy Sutley, Chief Sustainability & Economic Development Officer of the LA Department of Water & Power (LADWP)
Laurel Firestone, Co-Executive Director, Community Water Center, CA
De’Sean Quinn, Water Quality Planner, King County WA & Councilmember, Tukwila, WA
Jessie Buendia, Community Benefits and Social Responsibility Manager, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

Conservation is the New Supply

Heather Cooley, Water Program Director, Pacific Institute
Candice Rupprecht, Water Conservation Specialist, City of Tucson AZ
Paula Kehoe, Director of Water Resources, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

Creative Financing for Sustainable Water Solutions

Jim Gebhardt, Senior Advisor, US Environmental Protection Agency Water Infrastructure and Resiliency Finance Center
Carrie Rivette, Wastewater/Stormwater Maintenance Superintendent, City of Grand Rapids MI
Brian Van Wye, Branch Chief – Program Implementation of Stormwater Management, District of Columbia Department of the Environment
Jane Silfen, Vice President, Encourage Capital
Cynthia Koehler, WaterNow Alliance


Integrated Water Management: A Guide for City Leaders. Mel Meder and Satya Rhodes-Conway, Mayors Innovation Project. Read here.

Advancing Racial Equity and Transforming Government: Introduction. Julie Nelson, Government Alliance on Race and Equity, Lauren Spokane, Lauren Ross, and Nan Deng, UW Evans School of Public Policy Student Consultants. ​Read here.

Notes: World Cafe Debrief. Read here.

The City Upstream and Down: How Integrated Water Management Can Help Cities Thrive. American Rivers. Read here.

Drinking Water & Wastewater Customer Assistance Programs. US EPA. Read here.

Debt Funding for Water Conservation Programs. Ed Harrington and Cynthia Koehler, Government Finance Review, October 2016. Read here.

The IRS Should Stop Taxing Water Conservation Rebates. Bob Baker and Art Levine, San Francisco Chronicle, October 13, 2016. Read here.

The Cost of Alternative Water Supply and Efficiency Options in California. Heather Cooley and Rapichan Phurisamban, Pacific Institute, October 2016. Read here.

The Untapped Potential of California’s Water Supply: Efficiency, Reuse, and Stormwater. Natural Resources Defense Council and Pacific Institute, California Drought Capstone, June 2014. Read here.

Urban Water Conservation and Efficiency Potential in California. Natural Resources Defense Council and Pacific Institute, California Drought Capstone, June 2014. Read here.

Federal Tax Penalties for Water Efficiency Rebates. WaterNow Alliance and National League of Cities, October 14, 2016. Read here.