Building Livable Communities: A Leadership Forum

Thank you to everyone who joined us! Co-hosted by the city of Burlington and AARP, Mayors and other officials from New England and New York State communities came together to address regional challenges and forge innovative approaches to creating great places to live that sustain economic growth and improve the quality of life for residents – of all ages.

All presentations and Briefing Book materials, as well as information about the attendees and our sponsors, are below.

See full agenda here

Presentations and Briefing Book


Livable Communities: Newsletter, AARPRead more.
Livability Fact Sheets, AARPRead more.
The Ten Steps of Walkability, Kaid Benfield, NRDC SwitchboardRead more.
Form-Based Codes Defined, Form-Based Codes InstituteRead more.
Fact Sheet 1: An Overview of the Recommended Practice, Congress for the New UrbanismRead more.
7 Simple Ways to Make Every City Friendly to Pedestrians, Jordan Golson, WiredRead more.
Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper: A Low-Cost, High-Impact Approach, Project for Public SpacesRead more.
Road Diets: A Livability Fact Sheet, AARP and Walkable and Livable Communities InstituteRead more.
Sidewalks: A Livability Fact Sheet, AARP and Walkable and Livable Communities InstituteRead more.
Street Trees: A Livability Fact Sheet, AARP and Walkable and Livable Communities InstituteRead more.
Ten Principles for Building Healthy Places, Thomas W. Eitler, Edward T. McMahon, Theodore C. Thoerig, Urban Land InstituteRead more.
Mayor Miro Weinberger Announces Downtown Parking Changes, City of Burlington, VTRead more.
Resolution Relating to Launching the Downtown Parking Improvement Initiative, City of Burlington, VTRead more.
Lure of Green Cards Brings Big Investments for Remote Resort in Vermont, Katharine Q. Seelye, New York TimesRead more.
Getting Community Input: A Better Way to Plan and Grow, Jane Lafleur, Friends of Midcoast MaineRead more.
13 Steps to Public Engagement, Plan BTVRead more.
5 Questions for Patricia Sears, Melissa Stanton, AARPRead more.
Newport to Become an Age Friendly Community, Dave Reville, AAARPRead more.
Fresh Start Community Garden, Vermont PBSVideo.
Wisconsin, AARP and Oxford EconomicsRead more.
Vermont, AARP and Oxford EconomicsRead more.
Rhode Island, AARP and Oxford EconomicsRead more.
New Hampshire, AARP and Oxford EconomicsRead more.
New York, AARP and Oxford EconomicsRead more.
North Carolina, AARP and Oxford EconomicsRead more.
Minnesota, AARP and Oxford EconomicsRead more.
Massachusetts, AARP and Oxford EconomicsRead more.
Maine, AARP and Oxford EconomicsRead more.
Indiana, AARP and Oxford EconomicsRead more.
Illinois, AARP and Oxford EconomicsRead more.
District of Columbia, AARP and Oxford EconomicsRead more.
Connecticut, AARP and Oxford EconomicsRead more.


Rachelle Armstrong, Councilor, Mayor Pro Tem, Plattsburgh, NY
Dona Bate, City Council Member, Montpelier, VT
William Benton, Mayor, Vergennes, VT
Ilona Blanchard, Project Director, South Burlington, VT
Emily Boedecker, Executive Director, Local Motion, VT
Kelly Clark, Northeast Regional VP, AARP, NH
K R Decarreau, City Manager, Winooski, VT
David Doonan, Mayor, Greenwich, NY
Christien DuBois, Liaison to the Mayor, Somersworth, NH
Nora Duncan, State Director, AARP CT, CT
Todd Fahey, State Director, AARP NH, NH
Heather Famico, City Councillor, Salem, MA
John Ferrari, City Councilmember, Schenectady, NY
Beth Finkel, State Director, AARP NY, NY
Liz Gamache, Mayor, Saint Albans, VT
Jennifer Green, Sustainability Coordinator, Burlington, VT
Jennifer Hollar, Deputy Commissioner, VT Department of Housing and Community Development, VT
John Hollar, Mayor, Montpelier, VT
Kim Irwin, Executive Director, Health by Design, IN
James Irwin, Senior Associate, Mayors Innovation Project, WI
Mike Kanarick, Chief of Staff, Burlington, VT
Jennifer Kaulius, Mayor’s Assistant, Burlington, VT
Michael Kelly, City Councilor, Plattsburgh, NY
Ruth Kelly, City Commissioner, Grand Rapids, MI
Alisa Klein, City Councilor, Northampton, MA
Mark Kleinschmidt, Mayor, Chapel Hill, NC
Joe Klopfenstein, Alderman, Vergennes, VT
Emily Koo, Deputy Director of Policy, Providence, RI
Jane Lafleur, Executive Director, Friends of Midcoast Maine and The Community Institute, ME
Craig Langford, Senior Advisor, AARP, DC
Nathan LaRose, Assistant to the Mayor, Fitchburg, MA
Nancy LeaMond, Executive Vice President, AARP, DC
Marci LeFevre, Senior Advisor, AARP Education & Outreach, DC
Victor Lopez Jr, Alderman, Waterbury, CT
Greg Marchildon, State Director, AARP VT, VT
Lydia Martinez, Councilmember, Bridgeport, CT
Kate Maynard, Planning, Saratoga Springs, NY
Chris McCahill, Senior Associate, State Smart Transportation Initiative, WI
Carolyn McLaughlin, President, Albany Common Council, NY
Erin Mitchell, Manager of Community Outreach, AARP NY, NY
Paul Monette, Mayor, Newport, VT
Peter Morelli, Consultant, AARP ME, ME
John Norquist, Professor, DePaul U. Chicago, Il, IL
Pat Nowak, Chair, City Council, South Burlington, VT
Michael O’Brien, Mayor, Winooski, VT
Peter Owens, Director Economic & Community Development, Burlington, VT
George Proakis, Director of Planning, Somerville, MA
Chad Putman, Deputy City Clerk, Schenectady, NY
Satya Rhodes-Conway, Managing Director, Mayors Innovation Project, WI
Jacob Robison, Environmental Programs Coordinator, Bridgeport, CT
Gina-Louise Sciarra, City Councilor, Northampton, MA
Patricia M. Sears, State President, AARP VT
Gabrielle Smith, Senior Associate for Strategic Partnerships, Orton Family Foundation, VT
Chapin Spencer, Director, Dept of Public Works, Burlington, VT
Kelly Stoddard Poor, Associate State Director, AARP VT, VT
Maxwell Tracy, City Councilor, Burlington, VT
William A. Travascio, Director of Constituent Services, Somersworth, NH
Jennifer Wallace-Brodeur, Co-Lead, Livable Communities, AARP, VT
Miro Weinberger, Mayor, Burlington, VT
Stacy Weinberger, VT
David White, Director, Dept. of Planning & Zoning, VT
Nathan Wildfire, Assistant Director of Economic Development, Community and Economic Development Office, VT
Scott Williams, City Councilor, Gardiner, ME
Wanda Willingham, Executive Assistant, Albany County, NY
Joanne Yepsen, Mayor, Saratoga Springs, NY
Eranthie Yeshwant, Strategic Planning Project Administrator, Winooski, VT
Seth Yurdin, Councilman, Providence, RI
Jess Zimbabwe, Executive Director, Rose Center, Urban Land Institute, DC