COVID-19 Responses for Mayors

With the flood of information available, we provide our curated list of the best resources for mayors.

We invite cities to reach out at any time for technical assistance and support. Contact us with questions here.

City Responses: Live Feed

Our live feed provides a few examples of ongoing responses and policy actions coming from cities. We are actively updating this daily – check back regularly. Have an innovative response we should add to this list? Let us know.

Sorted by Action

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Updates and Resources

Tracking the Impact of Coronavirus on US Cities: SmartCitiesDive

CityLab: CityLab

Coronavirus Response Resources for Local Leaders: National League of Cities

COVID-19: What Mayors Need to Know: US Conference of Mayors

COVID-19 Public Sector Resources: Harvard Ash Center for Democratic Governance

Coronavirus Local Response Initiative: The COVID-19 Local Leaders Initiative, a partnership between the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Bloomberg Philanthropies, and the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative, will provide cities with information and technical assistance.

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