Mass Shootings Are Increasing: Are You Prepared?

Today’s guest blog comes from Sarah Peck, co-founder and director of UnitedOnGuns. With the rise of mass shootings across the country, mayors and other city leaders are increasingly called to respond. As a leading national researcher and speaker on the subject, she shares the most effective strategies for a prepared city response in the face of gun violence.

Reporting and Responding to Political Violence

In May 2022, the Mayors Innovation Project launched #MayorSafety month with the release of a survey of US mayors revealing an alarming increase in political violence directed at mayors – in particular, at women mayors and mayors of color. This year, we put together a round-up of new resources and best practices, along with opportunities to share your experiences.

Ditching the Car, for Our Planet and Ourselves

In hopes of cleaner air and fresher water, cities across the country are looking for ways to reduce pollution in their communities. Any public official truly invested in creating healthier and more sustainable communities must address the multi-ton elephants on the street… cars.