Ten Great Ideas to Bring to Your City

Thank you to the many mayors and city staff who joined us for our first-ever virtual Innovation Showcase! A highlight of our in-person meetings, we were thrilled to offer this event virtually earlier this month. Ten mayors from across the country presented to our city audience on an innovative policy or program in their city in three minutes or less.

Just like every mayor, they are tackling a myriad of challenges in their cities. From climate change to COVID, from re-imagining public safety to engaging youth, these mayors offered important lessons and solutions for other cities.

Mayor Tim Keller presented on Albuquerque, NM’s new Civilian Response Department, which focuses on calls from residents about mental health, homelessness, and more, and helps to shift the response away from fire and police.

Mayor Bruno Lozano discussed Del Rio, TX’s youth council program focused on redesigning the city’s logo while educating the participants about how local government functions and how to effectively present proposals to city council.

Mayor Joseph Curtatone shared how Somerville, MA has comprehensively addressed the COVID-19 crisis through diagnosis, screening, and contract tracing, with lessons that remain as vital as ever.

Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway shared how Madison, WI has taken expansive and creative efforts to ensure that voting is safe and secure, which included a Voting Access Equity Plan after conducting a voting access equity analysis.

Mayor Miro Weinberger shared how Burlington, VT is embracing electrification across sectors – including in electric lawnmowers.

Mayor Rosalynn Bliss discussed how Grand Rapids, MI is re-imagining public spaces in the face of COVID.

Mayor Lovely Warren discussed how Rochester, NY is jumpstarting its economy amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. This initiative utilizes a modern website with resources for residents and businesses.

Mayor Kelly Girtz discussed Athens-Clarke County, GA’s launch of Athens Community Corps, a workforce development training program.

Mayor Lauren McLean discussed the creation of Boise, ID’s Climate Action Division and climate action plan, which will focus on resilience and creating a robust, climate economy.

Mayor Karen Alexander shared how Salisbury, NC engaged with various community groups to remove a 111-year-old Confederate monument after the City Council declared the statue a safety hazard following protests.

If you are interested in learning more about the solutions presented, please contact us. You can view all presentations from the event here, as well as watch the full recording.