Winter 2020: Speaker Announcements

Good Idea for Cities: From Cradle to Pre-K & Women Mayors’ Network Kickoff
Winter 2020 Policy Meeting
January 24-25, Washington, DC

This is your last chance to register- the Winter 2020 Meeting is just two weeks away! The Winter Meeting will provide mayors with the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with their peers on some of the most pressing issues affecting cities today. Read on to learn more about a few of our meeting topics, then register to join us.

From Cradle to Preschool: Holistic Approaches to Promote Future Success

Development during the cradle to preschool age sets the foundation for lifelong success. Decades of research demonstrate that access to high quality, affordable early childhood education and care is fundamentally important in achieving successful outcomes later in life. We know what to do to serve this population most effectively. How can cities support collaboration across systems to better serve this population? How might cities access then focus resources on the most critical years of brain development? We’re honored to have the following mayors join us to share how they have taken a holistic approach to protect and promote services to this population, with an eye toward building lifelong success:

Mayor Joseph Curtatone

Somerville, MA

Mayor Lovely Warren
Rochester NY

Women Mayors’ Network Kickoff: ‘Worthless. Gutless. Loser.’ Online Attacks Escalate When the Mayor is a Woman

You probably saw this headline over the holidays. Most women mayors likely knew this to be true, making our first-ever network exclusively for women mayors even more timely. In partnership with the Equity Agenda, the Women Mayors’ Network Kickoff at the Winter Meeting will offer the opportunity to learn from each other and gain the skills necessary to succeed amidst the challenges that sexism creates for women in leadership roles.

On the agenda:

  • Explore the context and issues that affect the success of women mayors in their roles, with an initial focus on the specific experience of women in executive leadership.
  • Prioritize equity, representation, and intersectionality and understand how gender and race can be explored together.

The research director from the Barbara Lee Foundation will present brand new, cross-cutting research, tailor-made for women mayors with real, credible information that can support their campaigns.