Winter 2020: New Speaker Announcements

Good Ideas for Cities: Designing for Extremes, 2020 Census, & More

We are just 5 weeks out from the Winter 2020 Meeting plus the Women Mayors’ Network kickoff! Around the country, mayors are leading on our most pressing issues. We support you by providing cutting-edge thinking and a broad network of other mayors for you to connect with and learn from. Read on to learn more about a few of our Winter 2020 Meeting topics, then register to join us.

Designing for Extremes

By using the principle of “designing for extremes,” cities can create policies that have positive outcomes for everyone. This session will feature cities with policies that tackle focused challenges that affect specific populations, but have improved their community more broadly. Mayors will highlight several projects related to housing, transportation, community engagement, and public spaces. We’re honored to have the following mayors join us to share their success stories and provide you with clear takeaways:


Mitch Colvin
Mayor Fayetteville, NC

Mitch Colvin is a native of Fayetteville with a passion for helping to improve the City. He was elected Mayor in November 2017. Prior to that, he served two consecutive terms on City Council as a Council Member for District 3 from 2013- 15 and from 2015-17.






Gabriel P. Ortega
Mayor Fountain, CO

Jammie Gabriel Ortega is in his second and last term as the Mayor of The City of Fountain. He has served his community on the Fountain City Council for 14 years as as a Council member, Mayor Pro Term and then Mayor.





How will mayors make it count? Challenges and opportunities for the 2020 Census

The stakes are always high for the decennial census, with funding, power, and representation on the line. This year’s Census poses unique threats: the introduction of a digital count, fear among immigrant communities, disinformation campaigns, and increasing divisiveness. What can mayors do to ensure their populations are counted, and how can cities use limited resources to fund the right partners and make the most impact? This workshop will feature city leaders and experts implementing robust census strategies and provide breakout time to workshop your city’s issues with peers and our partner content experts. We’re honored to have the following speakers join us: Terri Ann Lowenthal, nationally renowned census expert; Stephanie Reid, Executive Director of Philly Counts; and Emma Margolin with the Data & Society’s Disinformation Action Lab.