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We've collected resources for mayors and cities on how to address the COVID-19 crisis.

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The Mayors Innovation Project creates spaces that are uniquely for mayors and their most trusted advisors. Our member cities, diverse in geography and size, are leaders in policy innovation. Through annual meetings, specialized cohorts & networks, technical assistance, publications, and more, we are the organization that supports mayors as people and as city leaders.

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Mayor Jamie Harkins, Lafayette, CO


  • COVID-19: What Mayors Need to Know Now

    COVID-19 is impacting cities across the country. We've collected what mayors need to know.

  • COVID-19 Resources for Mayors

    MIP has created a list of resources available to mayors and cities for addressing COVID-19 in their communities. We also want to hear from mayors on how you are tackling the crisis.

  • GIFC: Cradle to Pre-K

    Cradle to pre-k is the most impactful age for human development, and we know that access to high-quality, affordable early childhood education and care is key to successful outcomes later in life. But what can …

  • Member City Spotlight: Mayor Woodards, Tacoma, WA

    We interviewed Mayor Victoria Woodards for our February Member City Spotlight. Her city of Tacoma, WA will host the Summer 2020 Annual Meeting.

  • Save the Date! Summer 2020 Annual Meeting

    Save the Date! Summer 2020 Annual Meeting Thursday, August 20 – Saturday, August 22 Tacoma, WA​ We’re excited to announce that the Summer 2020 Annual Meeting will be hosted by Victoria Woodards in picturesque Tacoma, …

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