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We create spaces that are uniquely for mayors and their most trusted advisors. Through meetings, focused cohorts, technical assistance and more, we support mayors as people and as city leaders.

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  • Affordable Housing, Integration, and Fair Housing Planning

    The goal of racial equity has been a prominent national topic in recent years, but it is often unclear how the goal translates into practical policy solutions. There are promising strategies that can, in most cities, advance racial equity, increase housing affordability, and meet new federal guidelines for fair housing.

  • San Antonio’s Uplift Customer Assistance Program: Lessons in Public Engagement

    Even utilities with robust customer assistance programs struggle with one main problem: how do they ensure those who need the help are signing up? This challenge spurred Greg Wukash and the SAWS team to create the Uplift Customer Assistance Program, designed to embrace a “neighbor-centric” approach by offering a more holistic method of assistance. 

  • Rochester co-designers attend a meeting together

    Deep engagement informs city programs and spaces in Rochester, MN

    This week, we are featuring member city Rochester, MN’s work to make community co-design a central approach to developing city spaces and programs. Rochester is bringing co-design into city procedures, beginning with a Discovery Walk …

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