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We create spaces that are uniquely for mayors and their most trusted advisors. Through meetings, focused cohorts, technical assistance and more, we support mayors as people and as city leaders.

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  • “High-Road Mayors” Must Be “Procurement People”

    By Zach Lax • Founder, Bidmark The truest reflection of a government’s values and priorities is what it spends money on. Legislation can be toothless, policies can be underenforced, and strategic plans can collect dust. …

  • Member City Spotlight: Mayor Cassie Franklin (Everett, WA)

    Member City Spotlight: Everett, WA

    This week we are featuring one of our member cities, Everett, WA. Since 2013, overdose deaths involving synthetic opioids like fentanyl have significantly increased in cities across the United States. In response to this crisis, …

  • When Small Projects Make a Big Impact

    “While the multi-million dollar highway project might sound impressive, it is the small-scale infrastructure projects—bike lanes, raised crossings, and the like—that are most visible and tangible to people’s lives,” write Chris McCahill and Katya Spear …

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