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Mayors Innovation Project

We’re here to help mayors and cities succeed.

A learning network for mayors.

The Mayors Innovation Project creates spaces that are uniquely for mayors and their most trusted advisors. Our member cities, diverse in geography and size, are leaders in policy innovation. Through annual meetings, specialized cohorts & networks, technical assistance, publications, and more, we are the organization that supports mayors as people and as city leaders.

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Mayor Jamie Harkins, Lafayette, CO


  • The Housing Crisis: What Cities Can Do

    Over the last two decades, the US has experienced an unprecedented housing crisis. Housing costs have doubled, while income has remained stagnant. Most renting households who live below the poverty line spend at least half …

  • Reducing Neurotoxic Exposure in Children in San Francisco, CA

    The Mayors Innovation Project, partnered with Healthy Babies Bright Futures, provided grants to cities across the country to work towards better health outcomes for children. We are excited to share the story of one of our grant recipients, San Francisco, CA.

  • How Can Mayors Protect Themselves From Online Attacks?

    More than ever, mayors and other public officials face scrutiny not only on the basis of policies, but on the use of social media and other digital spaces. Mayors face a barrage of online harassment, with real fears of that harassment escalating into stalking, doxxing, and physical threats.

  • Event: Online Privacy and Security for Mayors

    Join us on December 4 for a session to understand the threats, highest areas of exposure, and key steps to protecting your personal information online.

  • Tackling Water Affordability in Cities

    Aging infrastructure, climate change, regional economic decline, and the new threats posed by COVID-19 have meant a tsunami of financial challenges for cities and their utilities. Maintaining safe yet affordable drinking and waste water continues …

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