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Mayor Jamie Harkins, Lafayette, CO


  • City Data and Pandemic Response

    Data’s role in the pandemic City efforts to expand innovations in data and technology have proven crucial in responding to the COVID pandemic. From mapping localized infection rates and predicting hospitalizations, to contact tracing among …

  • Image of boy playing in water fountain with the words, Water Affordability Academy, co-hosted by The Water Center at Penn

    COVID-19 and Water Affordability

    Local water utilities are already facing aging water infrastructure, effects of climate change, and increasing operating costs. This leads to a major dilemma: increase water rates to pay for infrastructure needs or keep rates static …

  • Smiling man holds his baby and looks at box of diapers

    Announcing Healthy Babies Initiative Grant Recipients

    Conception to pre-k is a pivotal time in child brain development. One in six children in America has a developmental disability, and one in 45 have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Research indicates …

  • Ending Police Brutality: A Mayor’s Perspective & Call to Action

    Guest post by Mayor Chasity Wells-Armstrong, Kankakee, IL and Frank Kosman, Kankakee Chief of Police I was elected as the city of Kankakee, IL’s first black mayor in 2017, and I proudly represent a diverse …

  • Police officer faces away to a faded background

    City Leadership in Addressing Racial Inequities

    Over the last week, many mayors and police departments have strongly and publicly condemned the actions by the police involved in George Floyd’s death and the violence and aggression shown towards people of color. What …

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