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Mayors on MIP - To hear what mayors had to say about the value of Mayors Innovation Project meetings at our January 2011 meeting, click here

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Former Mayor Pegeen Hanrahan, Gainesville, Florida, shares her remarkable efforts to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conventional pollutants in her city through a variety of innovative measures, including a combined cycle power plant, a solar feed-in tariff and private investment in energy efficiency.

Mayor Tom Bates, Berkeley, California, explains how his city exceeded the Kyoto accords on greenhouse gas emissions by focusing on transportation alternatives, transit villages and carshares that have saved the city hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Former Mayor Dave Cieslewicz, Madison, Wisconsin, talks about measuring the kind of government performance that your "customers" want and need to know, rather than measuring typical city statistics.

Former Mayor Denise Simmons, Cambridge, Massachusetts, talks about individuals in your community can start a movement - and how she got kids involved in fighting greenhouse gas emissions.

Mayor Kitty Piercy, Eugene, Oregon, explains how art and the outdoors can be economic drivers in your city - and how to integrate the business community in your efforts.

Former Mayor Shirley Franklin, Atlanta, Georgia, discusses the need to “invest or die,” in other words, if we don’t invest in cities the economy will not grow. Franklin highlights the need for federal support for infrastructure and a federal agenda for urban affairs.

Former Mayor Pegeen Hanrahan, Gainesville, Florida, talks about growing cities "smarter" to attract residents looking for good schools, the arts, and a great quality of life. Hanrahan explains the different role of cities and counties, and why cities don't operate like businesses.

Gov. (and Former Mayor) John Hickenlooper, Denver, Colorado, talks about how cities are America’s laboratories. Hickenlooper discusses the need for federal support, for cities and suburbs to work together, and for finding fresh ways to frame issues to capture the public’s interest.  

Former Mayor Rhine McLin, Dayton, Ohio, says that cities are symptomatic of what’s going on around them, but their impact is magnified because they’re bigger. McLin explains how city problems are moving outward, the affects of the mortgage/foreclosure crisis, and the need to engage young people.

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