Mayors Innovation Project


Policy Innovation

  1. Energy - City energy solutions to address air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency, transportation and land use issues.
  2. Housing - Tools to address housing issues in your city, including affordable housing and homelessness.
  3. Safety and Criminal Justice - Municipal solutions to improve safety, reduce the number of people we incarcerate through restorative justice and to better integrate formerly incarcerated people into society.
  4. Transportation and Land Use - An array of city policies to promote good land use and transportation choices.
  5. Economic Development - Solutions for high road economic development and job retention/creation.
  6. Neighborhoods - Information on education, community development, neighborhood housing issues, and poverty reduction.
  7. A Metropolitan Agenda - MIP participants believe that building high road cities and metropolitan regions is both good for their residents and a key way to move the country to the high road nationally.
  8. Government Efficiency and ProductivityThere are a number of ways cities can cut costs and improve service, including good planning, technology, smart budgeting, and efficiency projects.

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